Residential Window Tinting Services - Hot Springs, AR

Pro Tint and Graphics Solar window films offer high visibility, exceptional solar control and an added element of safety.

Our films reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat in summer and retain the heat during the winter months, resulting in impressive energy savings year-round.  Emphasis is placed on aesthetic as well as performance.

Designer-tinted film create uniformity of appearance and enhance architectural designs.

Residential Window Tinting
Solar Heat and Glare Control:
* Solar window films allow for plenty of natural light to come in
* Solar control window films improves energy cooling efficiencies
* Reduces energy consumptions and utility costs
* Improves living comfort and working conditions
* Reduces glare – increased levels of privacy



Ultraviolet Control:

Ultraviolet Protection - reduces 99% the of UV rays being transmitted through glass or windows.
* Prolongs life of interrior furnishing, wood floors, carpets, draperies and more from fading.


Safety and Security

Pro Tint's film increases safety and security by making the glass stronger and harder to break and helping to hold glass together in case of accidents or disasters.

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